Higher ceilings don’t just make the room look bigger they create so much more opportunities. Homes with high ceilings offer lots of aesthetic appeal, and a more generous ceiling height can add to a home’s resale value.

What’s considered a high ceiling?

Most older homes feature eight-foot ceilings, which was once considered the standard ceiling height to aim for. Newer homes, meanwhile, tend to come with nine-foot ceilings. But anything above the nine-foot mark is generally considered a high ceiling. You might, for example, find a house with rooms that feature 10-foot ceilings. Or, you might find a home with a single room with a much higher ceiling than that.

Install Some Oversized Windows

Yes, we live in Canada but that does not mean we cannot have California-style homes. With the right windows built for Canadian weather, you can let so much more natural light into your home while still appreciating the energy savings.

Window Treatment

The sky is the limit on window treatments and how you wish to showcase your home. From fabric to fully electric shutters.

Exposed Beams

Do you like the rustic look? With higher ceilings, you can expose beams or create beautiful coffered ceilings.