Building your own home is very exciting and in order to complete this project, you will have to select a builder and will have to decide on a floor plan. Choosing your lot is a very important step and is a big part of a new home building project, so you need to consider the following:

Make Sure The Area Is Right For Your Lifestyle And Needs

Drive around the area and walk the neighbourhood at different times of the day and on different days of the week so that you have a better understanding of the area.

Make Sure The Area Includes The Amenities You Require

When looking for land that you can build your custom home on, you should research if it has access to important amenities. The most crucial aspects to check for are the underground utilities, such as gas, electricity, and water, as well as access to a municipally supplied sewer. Be sure to also check if the area provides access to cable/satellite TV and high-speed internet.

Lots Size and coverage allowance

When selecting a lot to build your custom home it is important to be familiar with the area lot coverage allowance. The size of the home you wish to build is constrained to the coverage allowed by the City. Should you want to go beyond the permissible coverage, you must attend a committee of adjustment hearing with no guarantee that your application will be granted.

Does The Lot Have An Easement?

If your lot has an easement. Easements may prevent or limit design options and prevent you from building the house the way you imagined it.

Look At The Physical Condition Of The Lot

If the lot features a lot of trees and you want to remove most or all of them, you will incur extra developing costs and permission from the township. Other aspects like removing large rocks may also affect your budget. You should also check the soil type and its condition.

Look Into Future Developments

Research future businesses, train tracks, highways and sewage systems. The answers may cause you to look elsewhere for a lot or will provide you with peace of mind because you will know what to expect and the types of developments you can look forward to.

Determine The Characteristics Of Your Lot

Figure out how close your neighbours will be and what will be beside and behind your home. This may or may not affect your views and the answers will help you determine whether or not the lot in question is right for you.

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