Sometimes, the most beautiful kitchens are inspired by a retro feel. Mid-century modern homes draw inspiration from the middle of the 20th century, extending from about 1933 to 1965 at its extremes, and look largely in the 1950s. This decade, in particular, is all about the post-war boom, when Americans believed peace and prosperity would last forever. High wages and low inflation and unemployment meant the middle class had more to spend than ever before.

The party shows in the kitchen, with bold, bright colour combinations making a huge statement. Contrasting colours liven up the home, where fun and excitement is the name of the game. While you might think colours are largely reserved for cabinets, walls or countertops, appliances are also excellent opportunities for a pop of colour. A brightly coloured range or stand mixer is a great way to set the tone in the kitchen.

Mid-century modern doesn’t have to have bright colours to bring back the retro vibe. A kitchen can be entirely white with a touch of ‘50s flair, featuring polished chrome hardware, flat-front cabinetry, and clean lines throughout the kitchen. A white quartz countertop with a drainboard sink adds a clean and interesting modern take on the classic style. Topping off your countertop with a few contemporary accessories helps to add the finishing touches to your beautiful kitchen, perhaps as the source for a little pop of colour in your white kitchen paradise.

Walking into a mid-century modern kitchen should feel playful and whimsical with modern conveniences. Everything in the mid-century modern is meant to look retro, but have modern technology at heart, like a specially designed range or fridge. Cleverly used stainless steel appliances can also be an excellent fit into this type of kitchen.

Flooring and backsplashes in the mid-century era largely consisted of ceramic tiling, with the occasional vinyl appearance underfoot. Tight patterns made up most of the design, whether they be the traditional checkerboard design, or a diamond-patterned floor. Straight tiled backsplashes were common, and most of the design cues featured strict, grid-like looks. Laminate countertops were also huge in the mid-century era, and adding a tight pattern to this type of counter adds a little bit of an extra authentic feel.

If you’ve completed the aesthetic correctly, your kitchen should feel like it came straight from the ‘50s while updating it to the quality you would expect from a modern kitchen. Technology has come a long way since this period, and modern technology ensures that your retro kitchen can stay looking and running great for years to come.

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