A kitchen is where most people spend the majority of their time and for this reason, most homeowners renovate or remodel this part of their home. Not only would this elevate the appearance of your home, but it would also allow you to enjoy this space a lot more and would provide you with a return on your investment.

Building your dream kitchen takes time and there is a lot of planning involved, so you need to make sure you finalize every detail so that you love the end result. The goal is to create a kitchen with staying power so that you can enjoy it in the long run and you can achieve this by focusing on designs that are not fads. Certain trends will come and go and while they might look nice in the moment, you may not enjoy bright cabinets in a couple of years, for example. This is why you need to focus on trends that have staying power so that you love your kitchen design permanently and not just for the time being.

Opening up your space is a great idea because this will make your home feel a lot bigger. Separate kitchens that are closed off are no longer in demand, so consider an open concept design. An open plan requires careful planning; otherwise, your kitchen will look sloppy if space is poorly organized. You need to consider the activities you do in your kitchen, including cooking, eating, baking, entertaining and office work and must incorporate them into your design. Start with the activities that are essential so that you can prioritize your space accordingly.

Most people want a lot of storage space and there are ways to stretch out this aspect, despite having fewer walls. The addition of an island is ideal as it will provide you with a ton of storage space because you will have room for base cabinets, more seating and an additional workspace. Try to stick to drawers and pull-out shelves because these will make your storage more accessible. You can even add a sink or stovetop to your island depending on its size, so you will have a few different options to work with.

A clean look is another aspect you should look into because this style of kitchen will be popular forever. Simple cabinetry and minimal décor will ensure your kitchen is practical and modern both today and a decade from now, as will neutral hues like white or gray. Light tones and palettes have more staying power than bold or bright colours, which can go out of style fast.

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